Saturday, 6 June 2009

Past Week

Even though I have had more time on my hands this week I haven’t done as much birding as I would have liked, other things have got in the way.

On Wednesday I walked to Plessey Woods via West Hartford. I have been to West Hartford three times this week and there has been very little.
6 oystercatchers yesterday were the only waders that have been there during my visits.
There wasn’t much out of the ordinary at Plessey either.
No sign of Dipper or Grey Wagtail on the river.
The feeding station was quiet and I didn’t see a single Red Squirrel. I did get good views of three different Jays, which seem to be doing well at Plessey.

I went to East Chevington this afternoon and incredibly I managed to open one of the metal boxes without scaring off the group of Terns and Gulls, which were on the water in front.
There was a mixed 30+ group of Common, Arctic and Sandwich Terns. The earlier Little Tern had flown off and there were no Roseates amongst the group.

10 BH Gull, Herring Gull, GBB Gull and 8 Little Gulls were along side the terns.
I had never seen a group of Little Gulls before and at first I overlooked them thinking they were Terns then I realised that their name makes sense.
Steve H told me tonight that he had a message that there had been a White Stork at Arcot Pond briefly this afternoon in the treetops.

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