Sunday, 28 February 2010

Good end to a good month on the patch

I got a message from D McK this morning saying that a Green Woodpecker was showing well at Arcot Pond on the dead trees in the south west corner.

By time I got there there was no sign but a drake Shoveler - patch tick, asleep at the back of the pond made up for the woodpeckers absence.
I wasn't helped by the fact that two Harris Hawks were flying around.

Later on after dropping some stuff off at high pit we went for a quick walk around East Cramlington Nature reserve, which is within the cramlington boundary despite what I have been told.

After walking down to the end of the road before the track runs out I had only spotted a Sparrowhawk and as it started to rain I didn't hold my breath about seeing much else.
As we headed back I heard a Siskin - Patch Tick, call overhead. I finally spotted it sitting at the top of a tree, it was soon joined by another 12 which seemed to follow us back to the car.

Whilst watching them fly close overhead I heard the distinct sound of Crossbill - Patch Tick.
I heard them again a few times and even got brief views as two females landed on the top of a conifer before flying off.

60 - Shoveler

61 - Siskin

62 - Crossbill

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