Saturday, 27 February 2010

How it should always be

Since we were passing Arcot this morning I called in quickly to see what was around and to see if the rain had finally got rid of the ice, it had.

Why can't Arcot always be like this? It was full of wildfowl, compared to recent standards.
5 Mute Swan were hiding amongst the reeds and a good number of Coots were still around.
The Teal and Mallard group at the back of the pond still had at least one Wigeon amongst them along with 3 Tufted Duck - Patch Tick.

Two grey Heron were being mobbed by a flock of gulls over the pond and as this was happening I noticed a Goldeneye and 4 Goosander - Patch Tick, swimming accross the water, I don't know how I had missed them the first time.
The 1 Drake and 3 female Goosander swam the length of the pond before diving near the island in the north west corner.

58 - Goosander

59 - Tufted Duck

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