Sunday, 14 February 2010

West Hartford Jack

I went to West Hartford today in the hope of flushing out a Jack Snipe. A quick look on the bigger pool which had a juv Mute Swan - Patch Tick, a single Shellduck and 20+ Teal.

I started looking at the far end of the marsh next to the road and worked my way inwards. At about half way along I hadn't flushed a single Snipe so I just stood still on the chance that something might move, it did.
I was in the usual Snipe area on the edge of the new marsh pool when a Jack Snipe - Patch Tick, flew from my right and landed a short distance away on the other side of the pool.
I waded my way through and flushed out 7 common Snipe which called as the flew off high in the air unlike the Jack.
Again I stood still and again the Jack took off this time after about a minute and it was only a ft or so away from me.
It flew straight past me and I was able look at it through my bins where I noticed for the first time how small Jack Snipes bill and body in general is compared to a common snipe.

49 - Mute Swan

50 - Jack Snipe

51 - Skylark


PCF said...

Called in at West Hartford Saturday and saw Jack all as some wag was flying a massive great Hawk last seen heading south with owner in following.

Crammy Birder said...

That harris hawk has been around for a while now, I wonder how long they live?

snooky said...

Surely it would be better to leave the bird in peace at this time of year as it is trying to build up fat reserves for the long flight north?maybe just your youth and inexperience clouded your judgement

Crammy Birder said...

I know a few other birders who have checked for the jack recently much more experienced than me and its not as if I has constantly chasing the bird, after I had seen it I left and with a harris hawk around I think it has bigger problems.