Sunday, 21 March 2010

2 Trips 2 Ticks

Had a quick trip to WH last night and this morning. I waited on the rabbit warren, ( the best rantage point at WH) until it was almost completely dark but no owls or anything else.
I did have a possible Woodcock fly over the entrance as I was leaving but it was to quick and it didn't make a sound so it could have been a Snipe.

This morning was more successful, the sun was out and it really felt like the first day of spring.
Plenty of birds on full song but no Chiffchaff.
80+ Gulls, mostly Herring were on the main pool with more Lapwing and Oystercatcher than last night. 2 Curlew - Patch Tick, called loudly and landed amongst the group of Teal at the back of the pool.
At first it looked as if there was nothing on the small pool but then a Canada Goose - Patch Tick, popped its head from the long grass to the left of the pool.
Another was asleep next to it, they were probably there last night but unlike normal Canada Geese they were silent.

68 - Curlew

69 - Canada Geese

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