Friday, 19 March 2010

Pheasant at last!

Yes unbelievably last night I added Pheasant to this year patch list, I don't know why its taken this long. A pair were calling behind the main pool at West Hartford.

14 Oystercatchers were at the back of the pool with a few Herring Gull and Lapwing. 40+ Teal and a few Mallard were on the water but they didn't stay long.
The pair of Shellduck flew from the small pool to the main as I past by.
I was going to watch over the fields overlooking East Hartford for a while but went back when it started to rain.

The group of Pied Wagtail were still feeding on the wasteground along with a Skylark, hopefully this area will attract a Yellow Wag or Wheatear in a few weeks.
Also I'm sure that one of the five Pied wags was a White one but they flew off before I had a chance to check properly.

64 - Pheasant

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