Saturday, 20 March 2010


Last night I went for a walk around Arcot golfcourse with SH in the hope of hearing some Tawny Owls.
We set off at 6:15 just as it was begining to get dark, the wind which had been strong throughout the day had now gone.
Walking through the fields between Beacon Hill and Beacon Lane, a vocal Yellowhammer - Patch Tick, showed well in the headgerow.

As we walked down the lane a flock of 180+ Golden Plover - Patch Tick, which had been resting in a field with some Lapwing, took off.
A pair of Grey Partridge - Patch Tick, were calling and showing well in a field on the opposite side of the lane. Another pair were next to the horse field before running accross the path and into the hedgerow.

Once we were on the golfcourse we headed for the gap in the hedge that over looks the back of Arcot Pond and the fields behind it.
Nothing was on the pond but I just managed to spot a Short Eared Owl flying low over the field to our left. The light was fading very fast so we could just see the owls outline as it hunted low over the ground.

We stayed on the golfcourse for about an hour listening from different spots but no sign of any Tawnys or even more suprisingly any Woodcock.

65 - Yellowhammer

66 - Golden Plover

67 - Grey Partridge

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