Monday, 5 April 2010

Stonechat Mix up

Yesterday after reviewing my patch list so far this year I noticed that I had included Stonechat after hearing one at WH in early January.
I listened to the call again on CD and realised that I have made a mistake and have removed Stonechat from my patch list putting the total on 73. I haven't seen a Stonechat in the county this year and I'm sure they are one of the biggest casualties of the winter.
Also I haven't seen or heard the usually reliable WH Linnet flock so far this year. Has anybody noticed if Linnet numbers are down elsewhere?

Yesterday I added an undisclosed patch tick to the list along with a Sand Martin.

74 - Undisclosed

75 - Sand Martin


Tim Sexton said...

Plenty of linnet around Whitley Bay yesterday but no Stonechat - there's usually a couple on the coast at St Mary's but not for a while now. Last Stonechat I saw was at Newbiggin golf course, so they are around. Still haven't seen an 'undisclosed' either - or have I?

Stewart said...

Plenty of Linnets up here too, with a couple of flocks of 40+ and many singing bird now in coastal bushes.

I have had Stonechat this year up here but haven't seen one now for a while?

Codders said...

Got my first Stonechat of the year at Hartlepool in Jan and got another one yesterday at Geltsdale but despite many visits to St Marys I havent seen one yet


Killy Birder said...

Linnet flock is certainly down on my patch in comparison to last year.
I did see 3 or 4 Stonechat when at Long Nanny in mid Feb, but on two or three visits to Cresswell I haven't seen any in the usual places.
Nuthatch is a one I'm wondering about. I've usually seen them on patch by now and this year haven't. No sign of them at all in the usual spots in Holywell either.

The Liverbirder said...

Stonechat at WHBP 3/1/10. I have not seen (m)any since mind! 1/1/09, same place, 2/1/07, same place too. I will pay more attenton next time. Perhaps the building work, the dog walkers (Not me, mate) and the half-wits driving around the site have encouraged them wlsewhere, mores the pity!

Blyth Birder said...

A few Linnet up the coast today around Beadnell.

Agree about Stonechat though, they seem a bit AWOL up here.

In fact I thinkthe only Stonechat I've had this year was last week in Suffolk while watching a Dartford Warbler and hearing Woodlarks & Stone Curlew while I was killing time waiting for the Lesser Kestrel to reshow:)

Vanellus said...

A cracking pair of Stonechats at Druridge this afternoon on the fence opposite the track to the main pond.