Friday, 30 April 2010

Garden Drama

When I got back from Teesside last weekend I heard young birds calling from the bush between the shed and the bins.
I watched the bush for a while and saw that a pair of Blackbirds were visiting it regularly with mouthfuls of worms. I saw them up until thursday digging up worms on the lawn before flying around the corner, this is where the drama began.

Wednesday 7:00pm
The male Blackbird was in the bird bath whilst I was watching TV, suddenly it flew off faster than I have ever seen a Blackbird fly. This was because a male Sparrowhawk landed in the bird bath a few seconds later before it also flew off.

Wednesday 11:30pm
Usually the Blackbirds stop calling at around 10 in the garden but again whilst watching TV I could hear the pair getting louder and louder.
I went to the window and saw that the neighbours outside light was on, this is only ever triggered by cats.
The female Blackbird was on my neighbours lawn hopping up and down calling frantically. I noticed what I first though was a frog on the lawn behind her but once I got my bins on it I saw that it was on of the fledgling Blackbirds. I could also see three cats lurking in the shadows which the female could not see.

It was time for action, me and my dad armed with stones went to the fence where two of the cats ran off straight away but the other, which was hiding behind a plant pot was getting closer.
The fledgling bird didn't help matters when it ran towards the cat.
In the next five seconds the cat began running for the fledgling, the female dive bombed the cat, we both started throwing stones, and the neighbours came out.
This resulted in the cat jumping over the fence, the fledgling disappearing and the neighbours looking very confused.
After this there was an awful noise which I have only heard a few times before which was a bird being killed. Another cat them jumped over the fence.
I checked the nest which was now empty and went to bed fearing the worst.

Thursday 8:30am
On his way to work my dad had found one of the fledglings alive in the plant pot next to the front door. I watched for a while and saw the parents feed it worms until it was gone less than an hour later.

Thursday 1:15
On my way out I heard the same terrible noise as last night. One of the cats ran from under the car with a fledgling in its mouth. A combination of my throwing a football and the parents dive bombing it made the cat drop the fledgling which ran onto the middle of the lawn.
I left hoping that it wasn't injured and the parents could protect it for a while longer.

Thursday 6:00pm
Both parents are now flying into another bush with worms, I can only hope the fledgling got into this bush and will stay there.

Also whilst in the garden two Sand Martins - Garden tick, flew over and a Buzzard flew over being mobbed by Carrion Crows, only the second time I have had one over the house.

The birds would stand a better chance if the cat's owners would lock them in the house at night instead of letting them run around willy nilly pissing in the bushes, shitting on the lawn, scratching the car and killing birds.

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Tim Sexton said...

A polite note to your neighbours asking them to keep their animals under curfew during the breeding season - they probably aren't aware of the problem. Worth a try.

If that doesn't work then there's more than one way to skin a cat :)