Thursday, 11 November 2010

Bad day

Last night I had it all worked out. I was going to go get the train straight from Middlesbrough to Morpeth, get off and see the Squacco Heron. The reality was much different.

After the lecture this morning went past 11 for the first time this year, I had 5 minutes to run to the train station.
After just making it onto the train as it was pulling away I then nearly got kicked off after an argument with the driver, lets just say I was close to doing a Joey Barton.

Half way through the journey I got a text from the Liver Birder saying that the Waxwings he was watching had now flown over my house!
I don’t know what more I can do to get them in the garden or to see them on the patch this year.
If I had got off the train at Cramlington I might have seen them but instead I got off at Morpeth.
After getting directions from SH and Birding Sometimes I finally found the Blue bridge.
Despite searching up and down the river I and a few other birders couldn’t find the Heron which hadn’t been seen since this morning.
Whilst searching a group of local pissheads started throwing things at me from the bushes next to the allotments. Things just get better.

So in what has been an all round crap week for me for a number of different reasons, I now have a book report to look forward to and now doubt more Waxwings will be seen and the Heron will return. Will I see them, probably not.
At least the weather was kind to me today.

Maybe I should take up a relaxing student hobby such as rioting.

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