Sunday, 14 November 2010

One will do

Out for WEBS with SH and DMcK this morning. Water level was very high at Castle Island so most of the activity was on the water.
When we first arrived the light was poor and there was a slight mist over the river. Amongst the murk the first bird we saw was a female Scaup. A group of 8 Goldeneye and 8 Little Grebe were the other highlights.

We went to Morpeth for another look at the Squacco Heron afer WEBS. The Heron hadn't been seen all morning and we were starting to give up hope until a group of birders on the bridge waved us over.
The Squacco had flown over the town centre being chased by gulls before landing on the bankside. The sun was now at its brightest and made the Heron look even better than it did yesterday.

Whilst watching the Heron a Kingfisher flew up stream and a Willow Tit called from the bushes next to the allotments before flying accross the river.

Next we went up to Alnwick for the Great White Egret. We walked along the riverside up to the wier but there was no sign. 20+ Tufted Duck were swimming upstream with a few Goldeneye. Also a Dipper was heard but not seen near the wier.

On the way back we called into Hulne Park. No Hawfinch but good views of Treecreeper and Nuthatch in the trees near the entrance.
As we were leaving 6 Waxwings landed in the trees further down the road from the entrance before flying back towards the town centre.

I got a message from JM on the way back saying that 20 Waxwings were in Sainsbury's car park but they were gone by the time we drove past.
As we passed the roadside just past the turnoff for Nelson I at last saw a single Waxwing- Patch Tick, in the tree tops.

117- Waxwing


PCF said...

Glad you got your Waxer. Picked them up on Sunday in a tree next to the pub opposite Sainsburys and last week also. They seem to move between Sainsburys and gardens in Parkside Glade where a lady told me they were in her garden opposite the school. Check out the trees on the east west link road where they prefer to gather. Hope the studies are going well. Lots more insulation if you want it!

Crammy Birder said...

Aye uni is ok, second year is much better than first.
I don't need any more insulation at the minute thanks, we haven't had a single model making project yet.