Saturday, 13 November 2010

Calmed Down

After having a day to calm down I had the chance to go back to Morpeth this morning.
We didn't have long to spend so it was a good job the Squacco Heron - Lifer, was standing on the shingle bank next to the blue bridge when we got there.

During the 20 minutes we watched it, the Squacco crept along the side of the grassy islands in the river, fished and scratched itself before flying further down the river twice.

Like many birds I have see I was suprised by the small size of the Heron, roughly the same size as the nearby Mallards.
Its easy to see why it has been missed as it is so well camoflagued amongst the riverside vegetation.

After elegantly flying down the river the Squacco would then land on the bank side and clumsily run along the shoreline.

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