Friday, 4 February 2011

January Results and more

For some reason yesterday whilst trying to upload the 2011 patch league table I accidentely posted the template. Since I can't upload the table the results are as follows:

DMcK: 53

LMcD: 50

PJA: (thats me) 48

GM: 40

Not as aesthetically pleasing as the league table but since I can't find a way to put it on then it will have to do.

This morning before the wind pick up again, a flock of finches half landed in the school field and in my garden. At least 4 Siskin and 3 Redpoll landed in the garden.
They stayed in the tree dead tree tops for a couple of minutes and whilst looking at the Redpoll I noticed that the bird on the right looked different to the other two Redpoll.

It was a lot lighter, with bright white flanks, strong white wing bars, no peachy colour to it, heavy black streaking on its back, wings and front and it was a light beige colour rather than light brown.
After looking at images on the internet and in books I have come to the conclusion that it was a Mealy Redpoll- Crammy Lifer.

The flock has been back in the school field a few times since this morning but they dont settle for long in the strong wind.

I have had my best ever views of Redpoll during this winter and all of the birds I have seen including the 6 I had in the garden in December all looked darker with peach coloured wing bars.

49- Mealy Redpoll

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