Tuesday, 9 August 2011

2 in two days

This morning I went out with LMcD to do an early WEBS count at Blyth. On our way we called into West Hartford. No waders and the 100+ gull flock of yesterday were down to around 20.
Most of the gulls, (mainly BH) were on the exposed mud at the back of the main pool but an interesting gull was sitting between two LBB Gulls with its back to us.
Eventually it turned around and we saw that it was a Juvenile Mediterranean Gull, my second full Cramlington Lifer in two days!
As if for comparison with the BH Gulls it flew over and joined them before heading off north with them towards the river Blyth.
I said last night that it was only a matter of time before one turned up but I didn’t think this quickly, it was the first juvenile Med Gull I have ever seen.

We started the Blyth WEBS count at Kitty Brewster and walked along the new footpath to the bend in the river that overlooks the A189 road bridge. From here we could see a Little Egret on one of the small islands under the bridge.

The count on the estuary and in the harbour were quiet with a Whimbrel amongst a group of Curlew on the banks of the estuary being the highlight.

When we finished the count we went to Holywell Pond were the two Black Necked Grebes were quite close to the members hide.
No waders were seen from the public hide and there were also none at the east pool.

109 - Mediterranean Gull

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Cain Scrimgeour said...

Could be same Juv Med from Holywell, bonny bird