Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Green X2

I went down to West Hartford early this morning. To the left of the gull flock on the main pool were two Greenshank which kept flying off and relanding a few minutes later.

With nothing on the smaller pool I checked the hedgerow between the metal fence and the substation. An adult and a juvenile Jay were hopping around the tree tops before flying toawrds the river Blyth.

Apart from a few Willow Warblers in song there wasn't much else as the rain started. I checked the pools one last time and as I did I noticed a Green Sandpiper feeding with the Greenshank at the back of the main pool.

110 - Greenshank

111- Jay


Killy Birder said...

I seem to be the only person not coming across Green Sandpipers.:-(
Some good waders around in recent weeks, and I've often been told that August is not a good month for birding. How wrong that is! Cheers Brian.

Crammy Birder said...

I've been told that every month isn't good for birding :)