Friday, 26 August 2011


On Tuesday I went up to Beacon Point with SH when news broke of a Greenish Warbler. Unsure where exactly it was at Beacon Point, we met GB who pointed it out to us.
It was in an area of vegetation bordering Beacon Point, sheltered from the wind.
I thought that it would be difficult to see the Greenish but for the half an hour we watched it was very confiding.
Frequently hovering and fly catching along the strip of vegetation it also hopped across the grass and stems catching Caterpillars, moths and Crane Flys as it went.
As we were leaving the warbler flew over the other side of the bank and began hunting along the vegetation there.
I think even I could have got some good photos if I had brought my camera.
As we headed back to the car park at the north end of the car park, a Sedge Warbler was moving around a patch of gorse.

Yesterday we went back to Newbiggin in the hope of more migrants dropping in over night. In truth it was quiet with no sign of an early fall.
A Garden Warbler amongst the Whitethroats on the side of the Ash Lagoon bank and a Lesser Whitethroat in the scrub on the side of the railway embankment in Woodhorn churchyard were the highlights.

Also we saw a Little Egret fishing from the road bridge over the River Wansbeck as we were going back. It was on the Cambois side of the river not far from the river mouth.

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