Thursday, 11 April 2013

Good sign

I think this morning at West Hartford was the first time I haven't had to wear gloves this year so it must be getting warmer. Its a shame nobody told the trees as they still look dead.

The pools are slowly drying out just in time for spring and a good sign this morning was a Redshank wading accross the main pool.
The fields to the east of the substation were ploughed a few weeks ago and it looked as if the newly formed pools were gone forever. This morning I noticed a lot of gulls flying around the fields and then I saw two tractors levelling the ploughed earth. Once they had finished I could see that the area where the two pools had been had already filled up again although the vegetation that had been building up around them has now gone as has the frog spawn in one of the tyre tracks near the hedge.
Nothing interesting amongst the gulls but the fields now look excellent for a Common Crane.

As I left 3 GS Woodpeckers were chasing each other around the entrance plantation and I breifly heard the Tree Sparrow calling. No sing of Woodcock along the old road on Crowhall Lane but a singing Chiffchaff and stragely a calling Pheasant.

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