Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Patch and Plessey

Myself and LMcD explored some more of the patch this morning. Nothing at a windswept West Hartford although I did have a juv GBB Gull and a pair of churpping Tree Sparrow yesterday morning.

Next we checked the plantation between the railway line and the windmill. A Reed Bunting, pair of Bullfinch and a Stoat were the highlights.  A pair of Dipper were diving in the river and feeding their young near Hartford Bridge. The pair took it in turns to collect food and we could even see them swimming under water the river was so low.

A walk along the riverside at Plessey Woods gave us good views of singing Goldcrest and Nuthatch. A Nuthatch and Willow Warbler were singing on the Cramlington side of the river and a flock of hirundines were flying low over the river near the farm. Mostly House Martins and Swallow, Lindsay managed to pick out a couple of Sand Martins on the Cram side but I couldn't get onto them.

We then searched every inch of Bassignton NR and still couldn't find a Woodcock.  Arcot was its usual quiet self apart form 90+ mixed gulls mostly Herring which tried to land.

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