Monday, 5 January 2009

Garden Patch Tick

Once again I have proved to myself that coming home at lunchtime is a really goood idea if I want to see new birds in my garden.
At ten past two today I noticed two birds in the plumb tree which were too yellow for a Greenfinch and too dark for a Yellowhammer, it must be Siskin- Patch Tick!
The first bird stayed only for a couple of seconds before flying over the fence but the other stayed in good view long enough for me to run up stairs and get my bins, before flying off over the fence as well.
I thought it was only a matter of time before I caught up with one in Cramlington but to have it in my garden is even better. It's the Plumb tree again, everytime a good or new bird is seen it is in the plumb tree.
I also had some other additions to my patch year list today which takes my total to 37 so far, not bad concidering I have only spent about an hour in total at Arcot, West Hartford and the rest. I still haven't seen some of my garden regulars yet but it is only the 5th.


Newton Stringer said...

Nice one !! They're great birds...

Siskins like feeding on hanging peanuts, and for some strange reason they often seem to prefer those red coloured nut bags....

Maybe it looks like a giant alder cone !!

Rare Visitor said...

Excellent tick, look out for our post on microsites as we've added your Plum tree.

Newton Stringer said...

Hey Crammy

I've just seen a tawny owl in Cramlington !! It was down Harwood Close, near that roundabout by Sainsburys garage... flying over the school field there, flew right over my head and landed in a tree... Nice !!

Crammy Birder said...

I pass that field most days so hopefully I will catch up with the tawny soon. cheers for the info Newton, by the way are you keeping a Crammy list?
Thanks Rare visitor the plumb tree deserves some recognision after giving me Siskin, Redwing, Chiffchaff, Woodcock ect.