Thursday, 22 January 2009

Last Hour of Light

Had most of the day off today so I went to West Hartford for the last hour of light. The resident (and worlds laziest) Kestrel was asleep on one of the lampposts on the roundabout.
21 Goldfinch flew over, as did a Grey Heron, Magpie and a Meadow Pipit. Only three Juv Mute Swan were on the pool. Two Fieldfare were in the dead trees to the right of the main pool. The resident hunter with his bag of Rabbits and balaclava was walking through the smaller pool. At one point I was caught between him and a Boxer Dog, but I was ready with my Chuck Norris skills in case things got nasty.
As I watched the Fieldfare, I saw a Drake Goldeneye fly low over the pylons from the north; I lost sight of it as it flew southeast. Still it was a good West Hartford tick.
On my way back I checked the fields to the right of the power station thing and saw a Grey Heron circling over the main road, it landed on the other side of the road round about where there burn is, but there was no sign 5 minutes later. Also 60+ Jackdaw flew over Northburn first School.

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