Sunday, 1 March 2009


Once again, as the title says I dipped for the first time on the patch this year.
I was in focus when I got a text from Steve H saying 2 Canadas and a Barnacle Goose in a field opposite Arcot pond.
I was straight off to see what would be two patch ticks.
First I checked the pond but nothing apart from 2 Coots, 1 Cormorant and a few gulls.
Then I checked all of the fields until I got to Damdykes but no sign.
I am not to bothered about missing the Canadas as I’m sure there will be more but the Barnacle Goose would have been an unexpected addition for the year and the patch.

On the way home I had an optimistic check at West Hartford, no sign there either.
On the pool at West Hartford there were 2 Shellduck, 5 Teal, 4 Moorhen, 2 Mute Swans, 20 Oystercatchers and 80+ Gulls, nothing interesting amongst them.
I have just seen that 64 Waxwings were seen this morning near Hareside first school, I might check them tomorrow.

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