Monday, 30 March 2009

Last of the winter visitors?

I got a call from Steve H this afternoon saying that there were 5 Whooper Swans on Arcot Pond.
10 minutes later we were there and watched the five Whoopers, (three adults and 2 Juveniles), as they put there heads under the water and fed. They stayed at the right side of the pond level with the dead wood.
I had just about given up hope of seeing whoopers on the patch until after October and was lucky to see these ones; I don’t think they will be there tomorrow.
The last time I had Whoopers on the patch was on 16th November 2007 when I saw 6 fly towards Arcot in thick fog over the high school field two days in a row, a lifer at the time.

The Swans were to far away for a photo and to white for my camera to pick up properly.
As we were watching the Whoopers a Sand Martin – Patch Tick, hawked over the back of the pond.
On the way back to the car we both stopped as we thought there was a Willow Tit calling from the hedgerow but we only heard the call once so we left it at that.

Whooper Swan – 74

Sand Martin – 75

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Vanellus said...

Saw six adult Whoopers at Cresswell this morning. Also a splendid drake Pintail. A group of birdwatchers at St Mary's had seen a Garganey, but it had hidden in the reeds by the time I got there.

There has been a single Whooper on the subsidence pond west of Newbiggin for some time now. Not sure if it is injured - seems odd that it is on its own as there have been flocks at Cresswell/Ellington.