Tuesday, 17 March 2009

It must be Spring

The weather was so good today I decided to go to West Hartford for half an hour after school.
I added Skylark to my CLV list today as I heard one singing overhead.
As I was walking to the pool at West Hartford I noticed a small, dull brownish bird on the ground, which then ran into the grass and out of sight. It looked like a Meadow Pipit or Skylark or something but I thought I better check it out anyway.
I was about to flush it out when I was nearly taken out by a F****g dog! It also flushed the mystery bird, which I couldn’t find again.
That is the main problem with West Hartford to many dogs and their owners, inconsiderate ****s, rant over.
On the pool there were around 80 Gulls again but again nothing special amongst them, its about time a Little or med Gull turned up.
20+ Lapwing and Oystercatchers were at the back of the pool with one Moorhen and 1 Teal.
Also I flushed a couple of Mallards from the smaller pool, I then heard the two Shellduck that have been around for a while, fly over and saw them land on the main pool with 4 more Mallard.
5 Mute Swans were also there and another duck flew out of the marshy area to the left of the pond. I was hoping for Pintail or an early Garganey but it was another Mallard.A male Kestrel was hunting over the back fields and 20 Linnet were on the pylon wires.

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