Sunday, 23 August 2009

2 Hartfords 1 Patch Tick

I went to West Hartford early afternoon today to see if anything had dropped onto the pool.
As I was approaching I could see there was a lot more exposed mud than the last time I was there last week.
50+ Gulls, mostly BH and Herring were on the water and 20 Lapwing were on the mud.
I searched through the group of Lapwing but only two Pied Wagtail were amongst them.

As I was heading to the smaller pool I noticed a small wader on top of one of the metal posts sticking out of the mud, it was a Green Sandpiper- Patch Tick.
After seeing me it flew off and circled the pool before heading off high south, calling loudly as it went.

Instead of going home straightaway I went to the marshy field near East Hartford, somewhere I haven’t been since winter.
This sight is better in winter as it is less overgrown and the birds are forced out onto the ice on the small pools.
Apart from two Swallows there was nothing else in or around the field. Then I noticed something strange at the far side of the biggest pool.
All of the reeds in the centre and around the outside of the pool had been cut down and laid around the waters edge.
Also a strange half circle shaped structure has been put up. It was made from three fence posts with wire fencing wrapped around it and the cut reeds woven through the fencing.I think it was a shooting range.

104- Green Sandpiper

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