Friday, 14 August 2009

Heard but not seen

On Wednesday evening I went with Steve H to Bellasis Bridge to listen for Quail.
We stopped just before a crossroad about a mile north of the bridge, which was surrounded by Wheat fields.
It only took us five minutes before the first and only bird of the evening sang.
It stopped and we waited fifteen minutes more but it didn’t sing again.

We checked Arcot Pond on the way home but there wasn’t much apart from a lone Canada Goose and a noisy Common Tern.
Yesterday I was at the fire station end of the Horton Burn looking for the Kingfisher, which was seen at the weekend. I waited half an hour and walked up and down the burn but there was no sign.
I went to Arcot Pond last night and again it was quiet. Two Roe Deer were wading through the reeds near the southwest corner and four Common Terns were on the dead wood in the middle of the pond.


Birding Sometimes said...

Quail is a very tricky species to see Phil! Last ones I saw were in 1989 - there was a cofiing family group in cut fields at Salthouse in Norfolk - just in time for my family holiday in the area! It's been a good year for Quail, maybe you'll have some luck and see one soon...

PCF said...

Glad you heard your Quail but seeing is most unlikely. The only one I've seen I nearly hit with the car. Driving on the road between Bywell and Corbrdige it darted out in front. Slammed on the brakes and got a view as it scampered up the field margin. Keep at it though, Bellasis is a good spot for them