Monday, 31 August 2009

WH Dun

Out of the hundreds of Dunlin I must have seen this year the one I saw at West Hartford this morning has been the best.
I was unable to get to West Hartford when the action was happening yesterday. 5 Whinchat, LRP, Golden Plover and Dunlin were all present.

When I got to West Hartford this morning and saw a family out walking their dog I thought there was no chance of any Waders staying but thanks to their dog chasing the Gull flock I managed to see the Dunlin – Patch Tick, fly across the pool and land on the largest island of mud along with the LRP which has been hear for 4 days now.
I checked all of the fence posts and trees around the back of the smaller pool but no sign of any Whinchat, it’s a good job I saw that one at WH back in May.

Yesterday I had a Sparrowhawk over my garden for the first time this year.

106- Dunlin

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Newton Stringer said...

Wow !! Look at all that lovely mud !! GIMME GIMME GIMME !!

I desperately need mud for my patch right now.....