Saturday, 8 August 2009

LEO at Last

Last night I went with Steve H to an undisclosed site to look for Long Eared Owls. As soon as we started scanning a field for the side of the road we could hear a young LEO calling.
We waited for around fifteen minutes for it to appear but it just kept calling for the same area.
It was getting dark quickly so we went closer to the area where the bird was calling and soon an adult Long Eared Owl- Lifer, appeared.
It was still light enough to see it properly as it flew around us before going overhead a few times.
As it went past I could see its ear tufts, which looked a lot darker in comparison to the rest of the bird.
The young bird was still calling and eventually came into view on the edge of a tree. It was a well-developed bird, which I am sure was capable of flying.
We decided to leave the birds in peace and headed off. As we did so another adult LEO flew across the path in front of us and landed in a tree.
In total we think there were four different birds calling at one point but we only saw the three.

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Alan Tilmouth said...

Good going, pleased they performed.