Saturday, 1 May 2010

May Day Morning

Once the rain had stopped this morning I went to see if anything had landed at West Hartford.
A flock of 50+ Starlings are doing there best to clean up the mess left by the workers at the new fire station entrance.

Plenty of Meadow Pipit, Skylark and Sand Martins were around as well as the Linnet flock which has reappeared.
2 Wheatear - Patch Tick, flew from the rubbish pile at the end of the road to the pile nearer the main pool.
The water level is slowly lowering on the main pool and on the now visible mud bank at the back was a Green Sandpiper- Path Tick, amongst the Lapwing and Oystercatchers. A Redshank was wading through the smaller pool with a pair of Shellduck.

I had a final look at the main pool and whilst I did, something flew in front of me and landed on a fence post to the left of the pool, it was a stunning male Whinchat - Patch Tick.
Instead of flying off after a few seconds it got even closer and flew onto the gate post infront of me, what an amazing and underated bird.

On my way back into my street two Linnets were feeding on the path next to my neighbours house. I ran onto my drive so that I could add them to my garden list. They then flew into a tree on my neighbours drive before landing on their grass.

87- Wheatear
88- Whichat
89- Green Sandpiper

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