Monday, 11 November 2013

Back to basics

I filled up the feeders ready for the winter yesterday. Today the garden was alive with activity. The feeders had attracted multiple, Blue, Coal and Great Tits, Magpie, 8 Blackbird, Green, Chaff and Gold finch, Jackdaw, Starling and two Fieldfare.
A rare occurrence in the garden the Fieldfare sat eating berries on the fence before being chased off by the Blackbirds.

With all this activity the inevitable happened and one of the eight Blackbirds hit the window. It stood open mouthed on the patio comically rocking back and forth on it legs. I went outside and checked its wings and waited until it flew form my hands to the safety of the trees. I then checked the amount of seeds in the trays and as I did a Woodcock exploded form the ground and flew west over the neighbors roof.  It must have been a migrant roosting on the leafy cover under the row of fern trees bordering the fence. This is surprisingly not the first garden record as I flushed one form nearly the same spot in the heavy snow of 2001.

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