Sunday, 10 November 2013

Back to normal

After recent twitches and neglecting the patch it was a welcome return to real birding today. Out for WEBS early morning with SH and DM first stop was the count at Castle Island. Nothing out of the ordinary and no sign of any Quail we headed off to East Chevington.
We had just missed the bearded Tit, Bittern and a Glacous Gull on the north pool but did manage fleeting glimpses of a Water Rail in the cut channel in the reeds. Our next and final stop was a more productive Cresswell Pond where the Black-necked Grebe showed well but distantly as did three Scaup. Two Whooper Swans rested on the edge of the west shore.

This afternoon 20+ Pink-footed Geese flew south over my house but something was strange. They were calling very loudly and instead of flying in a traditional V shape they flew tight together as a a group and flew around in circled over the street for a while almost like they had been chased by something.

I had a quick trip to West Hartford yesterday. A Redshank landed on the smaller pool and a few Siskin few in the plantation.

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