Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Around Crammy

I haven't posted anything for a while now because the blog seems to be very temperamental and only lets me on at certain times, hopefully this will stop soon and I will get back into the habit of regularly up dating the blog.
I haven't done much birding recently as I have been busy and instead have been taking a closer look at the birds on my door step.
I am dissapointed that I haven't seen a Honey Buzzard during the recent influx or the Wryneck at Seaton deleval which I hoped would at least move to east Crammy Nature reserve.
Since I came back to school three weeeks ago I have seen a small female Sparrowhawk most days in trees at the front of the school or being mobbed by Carrion Crows.
I have seen Robin, Dunnock, Wren and blackbirds in the bushes also and a good number of tits on the feeders in the bushes towards the housing estate, this is before last week when the feeders were smashed at the school gates. At least the seed that fell out were feeding the local rats, gotta love rats.
House Sparrows are everywhere as usual, so are Starlings but there is a serious lack of gulls around at the minute.
I have seen a few BH Gulls on the playing field behind D block plus one unidentified species which looked like a strange hybrid but it flew off before i could see it properly.
By this time in past years I have seen loads of BH Gulls, Common Gulls along with some LBB and GBB Gulls but not this year.
Everybody always complains about the gulls crapping on them and stealing there food around the campus, both of which have never happened to me or anybody else I know. I hope that the school leader, the mighty MR. Wise, ( all hail) has not payed some body to kill off the feathered terrors to stop them attacking the recent influx of small helpless childern which are now in the schools Junior learing Village.
Oh well I can feel another Cramlington Learning Village rant coming on so I better go before the Crammy secret service snipers pick me off like an innocent Gull.
Next time I go birding I can finally guarentee that I will return with pictures.

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