Tuesday, 9 September 2008

End of the World?

As the Swiss open their black hole in an attemp to find out about the big bang theory and end the world, I am looking back on what has been a very good year for birdwatching for me.
I have seen both spring and autum migrants as well some good summer watches at Cresswell and Druridge.
Highlights have been:
Palla's Warbler- Rising Sun Country Park
Lesser yellowlegs- Druridge Pools
Rose Coloured Starling- Long Nanny
Spotted Crake- Swallow Pond
Red Backed Shrike- St. Mary's Island
There is probably more just I have forgotten at the minute.
I would say that I am hoping for a good winters birdwatching but the world is about to end...very
inconvenient, I wish I had at least seen a Wryneck.

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