Saturday, 6 September 2008

Garden Keeping

On my list of birds that I have recorded in crammy I am now going to put a G next to the birds that I have seen in my garden, as this has been a major source of sightings in Cramlington.
I feel like a fraud at time calling myself Crammy Birder as I do little bird watching in Cramlington but I am going to change that from now on...I think.
My garden was the first real place I started watching and have been lucky enough to see some better than avarage garden species over the years.
On another note I am still confident in my sighting of a spotted Crake last Sunday and I know that it was not a juv Coot or Water Rail. Water Rail... I wish I still haven't seen one despite hours of trying, freezing half to death in the Cresswell hide over the winter.

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