Sunday, 7 September 2008

Migrant Mission

Ok so this mornings post was a little premature and at two o'clock I finished the boring tasks and with the sun creeping out headed off to Newbiggin.
I could have gone to a number of different locations but when I saw that a Dotterel was on the Golf course that swayed it for me.
There was no sign on the golf course so I headed off to the mound where the Red Breasted Flycatcher and Greenish Warbler were.
I met a number of other birders today off which I know none of their names, sorry.
There were about five birders scanning the trees just off the track when me and two other birders arrived.
Someone said that the RBF hadn't been seen for about an hour but we were in the right area.
there were also a few pied Flycatchers and Spotted Flycather around.
After about half an hour my time was up and I had to go home. I didn't see the Red Breasted Flycatcher, Pied Flycatcher or Greenish Warbler but did see 2 Spotted flycatcher sitting in the tree tops, Lifer 172.
Not as spectacular as my last lifer begining with Spotted but never the less a Lifer is a Lifer.
Small Warblerish bird where flitting about just out of sight which made it more frustrating, one was a Goldcrest, I think it was too quick to see.
On the way back to the car I saw a Whinchat in the graveyard and 26 Wheatear , 11 on the golf course and the rest on the beach.
I really like Newbiggin and can now see how it's got such a good migrant reputation.
I also found out that the Dotterel was about two miles away from the golf course nearer Alcan but I didn't have enough time.

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