Monday, 8 September 2008

Migrant Mission 2: Red lifers

Crammy Birder in an all star cast featuring Redstart, Pied flycatcher and Red backed Shrike.
With only a half day today, the migrant hunt was back on. Whitley Bay Cemetery was the location today. After a two hour spell I saw:
4 robin
6 Spotted flycatcher
3 Pied Flycatcher-Lifer 173
2 Redstart- Lifer 174
There was no sign of the Red Breasted Flycatcher, Wryneck or Barred Warbler, which had moved on by the time I got there.
I then went to St Mary's to see the Red Backed Shrike which was on the island in the cottage garden.
When I got there John malloy was watching a flock of House Sparrows, one of which turned out to be a Juv Red Backed Shrike-Lifer 175 which flew around the bushes and ran accross the wall for about half an hour.
The last two lifers I had before today began with Spotted and today started with Red, hopefully next time it will be Semipalmated or Icterine.

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