Thursday, 9 April 2009

Dead Dolphin?

I needed to take some photos on the beach for school today so we went up to Druridge Bay.
We parked at Druridge Pools so I checked the Budge screen first. A male and female Garganey were asleep on the bank at the back of the pool.
Snipe, Grey Heron, Teal and Redshank were feeding on the pool and a Little Egret was feeding in the marshy area right of the hide.
We then walked on the beach from Druridge Pools to near East Chevington, Sanderlings and Ringed Plover were on the tide line.

After walking in the dunes just before East Chevington we went back onto the beach and I noticed what looked like a dead Dolphin.
It had been well pecked at by Gulls but still it looked like a Dolphin, any ideas?
Whilst photographing the corpse I looked up and saw 5 House Martins hawking low overhead. I tried to take a photo but the were to fast and small for my camera to pick up.
They were overhead for around 5 minutes before heading south over the dunes. At one point I had to duck as they were flying very low, this is when I noticed another had joined them.

On the way home we quickly stopped at the causeway car park at Cresswell Pond but there was no sign of the Yellow Wagtail. 5 Pied Wagtail and a linnet flock in the dunes was about it. I was surprised not to see a Wheatear today.


Blyth Birder said...

Hard to tell through wine-blurred eyes, but looks too small/wrong for a dolphin.

Harbour Porpoise maybe?

Vanellus said...

I had a look at the likely suspects on the net. None of the pictures is all that good but I concluded as follows:

Common Dolphin has creamy sides.
Bottlenose has sides the same colour as the back.

Although the remains of the beak suggest a sharp nose, the graduated grey sides make it most likely a Common or Harbour Porpoise.