Monday, 6 April 2009

More Night watching

I was out again last night with Steve to do some more night watching, well listening.
We went to West Hartford instead around half 8.
We could just make out a group of Teal on the pool with 3 Oystercatcher and 2 Lapwing.
Mallard, Curlew and Snipe were flying around the pool and we caught a brief sighting of a Barn Owl – Patch Tick, hunting along the hedgerow in the marshy field left of the pool.
We went to the fields right of the pool bordering the woods and began listening.
Apart from the strange noises coming from the industrial estate, Curlews doing horse impressions, a dog barking and some other unidentified noises it was relatively quiet.
A Woodcock flew overhead and a crow began calling from the woods.
Eventually we heard a male Tawny Owl- Patch Tick, call once from a distance, probably in the woods beyond the river.

80 –Barn Owl

81 – Tawny Owl


Birding Sometimes said...

Sounds like a great trip out - I've not made the effort for Tawny at WH yet, but have had them on Crowhall Lane in recent years. I'll probably give the Barn Owl a go tonight weather permitting!

Vanellus said...

This morning at 7:35 I had 4 Whooper Swans over the dual carriageway near the Learning Village.

They were flying south east and I suspect that they had come from Arcot.

Crammy Birder said...

cheers, vanellus I'll keep an eye out, glad to see you finally saw some waxwings.