Friday, 10 April 2009

Red Kite!

I needed to take yet more beach photos today so this time we went to ST.Mary’s.
After the photos were taken I quickly checked the wetland, Moorhen, 2 Greylags and a few Teal were on the water.
Chiffchaff and Skylark were in full song this morning and I had great views of a Willow Warbler in the bushes around the wetland, which was also in full song on a branch near my head.
On the way home I thought I would check Arcot Pond quickly as I hadn’t been there in a while, I’m so glad I did.
I was watching a single Canada goose on the pond when the coots began calling very loudly and the Oystercatchers lifted off and flew away calling, this all pointed to one thing, a raptor.
I looked up and saw a Red Kite- Patch tick!, fly low over the pond before drifting over the fields next to the A19.
It stayed over the pond for about a minute and I had time to see its fork tail and surprisingly pale under side of its wings.
It didn’t stretch its wings out fully so they were slightly bent inwards and were a lot darker than the rest of the bird.
After seeing it go towards the road I ran back to the car and we followed it. When I got out it had disappeared over the A19. I waited for a while but only a Buzzard flew over.
That’s when I started doubting myself, but it must have been a kite it had that forked tail and rusty colouring.
I got home and found that Steve Holliday had text me saying he had seen a Red Kite fly over his house 5 minutes before I had it over the pond. Yes! Conformation.
I presume it is the same bird that was at Prestwick Carr the other day.
I’m on a role with good Fridays after seeing those 2 Common Cranes last year and now getting a bird I didn’t ever dream of getting on the patch, the highlight of my birding year so far!

82 - Red Kite


Blyth Birder said...

I like days like that, when the unexpected shows up.

Is that landfill site still active up the lane?

Crammy Birder said...

There is no official landfill site but the amount of fly tipping around the lane makes up for it, unfortunately.

Mattzappa said...

I decided to head over to High Force waterfall on the Tee's today. Heading over the moors to Stanhope not really thinking about birds I nearly crashed the car as I saw my first Red Kite, beautiful to watch.