Wednesday, 8 April 2009

LRP check

I was up at seven this morning to check for Little Ringed Plover at West Hartford.
It was windy and damp when I got there and at first it looked promising when I saw that there was some activity on the pool.
Despite the rain last night the water level is still quite low at West Hartford and a few patches of mud have formed on the shorelines.
The usual gulls where on the back mud patch with 5 Lapwing and 3 oystercatchers.
I was looking in between them for anything but no sign of a LRP.
The Teal where also on the pool and a Skylark and Greylag Goose overhead was about it, it then started to rain so I came back.
Still I can’t complain after seeing that Barn Owl the other day, I’ll just keep checking.
I should be out tomorrow taking photos for school again so I will check then as well as at Arcot for yesterdays reported Willow Warblers.

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