Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Spotted Patch tick

I got word from Steve H this morning that he had 2 Willow Tit at Beacon Lane and a Spotted Flycatcher at Arcot.
At 1 I headed off to see if they were still around. There wasn’t much of note on the walk up.
There was a better chance of hearing the Willow Tits rather than seeing them but despite checking the right area of the lane and walking up and down the rest of it I couldn’t hear or see them on my way there or back.
It started to rain as I got to Arcot so I took cover next to the bushes by the crossroad behind the pond.
As I was checking the trees I saw something small and grey fly from the bottom of a bush to the top, it was a Spotted Flycatcher- Patch Tick.
It sat at the top of the tree for 10 seconds or so before going deeper into the bushes.

I stayed at the pond for around 45 minutes. 44 Greylag Geese were swimming from one side of the pond to the other and the number of Teal on the back island is growing with around 40 there today.
3 Roe Deer skipped through the field behind the pond before stopping and watching me.
I was watching the pond from the fence line on the east shore for a change and it was a good job I did as a Water Rail ran out in front of me and called constantly for 5 minutes from the reeds.
I’m glad I saw the Spotted Flycatcher today as the window of opportunity to see them in crammy is much smaller than that of a Willow Tit.

107- Spotted Flycatcher

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