Tuesday, 22 September 2009


I was out early on Sunday morning with SH and DMcK for the webs count at Castle Island. After a quiet count we went to Cresswell Pond.
A Spotted Redshank was wading through the water just past the sandbar.
2 Greenshank were near the causeway and 8 Tree Sparrow were in the hedge leading to the hide.
At East Chevington there were 302 Canada Geese on the main pool with a Canada Goose/Greylag goose Hybrid amongst them.
A single Great Crested Grebe kept appearing amongst the geese, which were joined by 43 Pink Footed Geese.
A Redpoll flew overhead calling and whilst watching the pool two Stoat bounded through the field towards us. One of the Stoats stopped and popped its head out of the long grass and looked at us before diving into the hedgerow.

With nothing else being reported around the county we headed back to the patch and concentrated around there for a couple of hours.
At West Hartford a single Redshank and 5 Dunlin were on the ever-increasing mud on the main pool.
Three Buzzards were circling the river Blyth and a Jay flew over the pool.

At Arcot Pond 103 Teal were at the back of the pond with a single male Wigeon – Patch tick, amongst them.
5 Dunlin flew across the pond and headed off southwest. Presumably they were the same 5 which were at WH, weren’t they?

111- Wigeon

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