Sunday, 27 September 2009

Glossy Finish

Once again the birding world proved just how quickly it can chance. On Friday afternoon I was at Druridge Pools with SH.
We weren’t looking for anything in particular so when we checked a nearly bird less Druridge I was happy enough to watch an otter, which was showing off in front of the Oddie hide, without knowing that in less than 24 hours the relatively empty Druridge would be full of birders, including me looking for a bird I have always wanted to see.

When the call came the next morning we were straight out and off to Cresswell were the bird had been reported.
Unsure exactly were the Ibis had been seen we were surprised to find what seemed like every birder in Northumberland watching the small pond next to the car park.
We soon saw the Glossy Ibis- Lifer, in the reeds at the back of the pond. I then came out and began wading through the water before showing its Cormorant like flight as it flew out of the reeds, over our heads and landed in a field left of the pond.
We drove to the field and found it being mobbed by Corvids before dropping into a small patch of marshy ground and reeds out of sight.
The Corvids soon chased it from the reeds and we last saw it fly towards Bell’s Pond.

This may be my last post for a while as I am leaving to go to University at Teesside today. My new term time patch will be Saltholme, Dorman’s ect!
Thanks to everybody who has been on the blog and helped me throughout this year, it really has been a much better birding year than I could have ever imagined.


Alan Tilmouth said...

Good luck at Uni Phil, don't forget to email any big sightings from Teeside.

Birding Sometimes said...

All the best at Uni Phil: hopefully you will be able to update the blog from your term time patch - I'm confident you will get a tick or two to report about... will probably even see you down there for the big one!

Killy Birder said...

I hope all goes well for you at Uni and that you have plenty time left for birding.:-) Cheers Brian.

Vanellus said...

Have an enjoyable and successful time at Uni (what's your subject?), look forward to reading your posts about a Crammy in exile!

ST said...

Enjoy the lifestyle

Crammy Birder said...

Thanks everybody, I should manage to fit in the odd few hours of birding, I hope.
Vanellus- the subject is Interior Architecture and Design- it sounds better than it is.

Vanellus said...

My niece studied something very similar at a Uni down south and she works as an interior designer for a small firm of Architects. She loves it.