Thursday, 3 September 2009

North Blyth Sea watch

Despite the crap wind today me and SH went to North Blyth for a quick sea watch.
I had never been sea watching before and it was something I would definitely like to do again.
There were Tern Sp. flying past and fishing but most were to quick to identify. Two Roseate terns flew overhead calling, as did a few Sandwich Terns.

Gannet numbers grew as time went on with only a few heading south far off shore but soon they were getting closer and in greater numbers. At one point 38 were fishing as a group.
Most of the Gannets were adults but a few grey young were amongst them. It was good seeing them this close and being able to watch them fish.

No Skuas or Shearwaters came past but a flock of Common Scoter did a good Shearwater impression.
A Red Breasted Merganser flew over and a Rock Pipit was at the bottom of the car park.

At West Hartford tonight the water level was raised again surely putting an end to the run of waders.
Only a few small pockets of mud are still exposed and this was enough to hold the LRP and Dunlin still. Also a female Shoveler was amongst a group of 10 teal at the back of the pool.

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