Tuesday, 15 September 2009

New Link

Spent a couple of hours at Arcot Pond this morning in the hope that the Wigeon I was told about last night had stayed over night. They hadn't.
There wasn't much on the pond which was probably due to the male Sparrowhawk patrolling the area. A female Shoveler and 2 snipe were the best on offer.

I spent a while at Beacon Lane once again listening for Willow Tit and once again coming up with nothing.
Whilst scanning the bushes down the lane I heard a Wagtail call and turned just in time to see a Grey Wagtail- Patch Tick, fly past towards the golf course.

The new link is http://liverbirder.blogspot.com/. Another birder from Crammy and still the only person to have Crossbill, Ringed Plover, Kingfisher and Ring Ouzel on the patch this year.

109 - Grey Wagtail


Newton Stringer said...

Heyup.... I've had crossbill in Cramlington this year too !

Crammy Birder said...

Gripped again!!