Monday, 10 May 2010

Beach Walk

I was out with SH this morning on Blyth beach looking for dead birds as part of a survey scheme.
We scanned the area of beach from the car park near the harbour up to Meggies Burn.
Although it was not as windy as the other morning there was still as strong freezing cold breeze, just what you expect in may in northumberland.

Almost as soon as we started we found the head of a Shag. There was a fresh tideline from last night so we would be first to find anyhting that had been washed up but in the end we didn't find much, which is good really.
Apart from various parts of Feral Pigeons we found a good conditioned wing of an Auk, probably a Guillemot.
The best find was an almost complete Golden Plover which was also in good condition.

Apart from the dead birds, Sanderling were running along the shoreline and a few Reed Bunting were singing in the dunes.

This afternoon after a quick hail/rain shower I saw a Swift - Patch Tick, fly over head whilst I was out.

93 - Swift

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The Liverbirder said...

Shag's head! Auk's wing! Whole Golden Plover! Pigeon pieces! And I bet you ticked them all (LOL)!!