Monday, 24 May 2010

Tetrad 2 - Big and Little Waters

I went out with LMcD this morning to do the tetrad around Little and Big Waters which also includes part of Seaton burn.
The best bird of the day was seen early on when I saw a Cuckoo fly over a field between the main road through Seaton Burn and the track to Little Waters. Nothing much was on or around little Waters or around Seaton burn.

At Big Waters we checked the scrub behind the playing field, checked the reeds and bushes around the channel and scanned the water from both hides and the feeding station.
A few Blackcap and Sedge Warbler were heard and 8 Common Tern were flying around and on the island.
Apart from a pair of Shoveler there was a lack of birds on the water. No Coot, Grey Heron or Tufted Duck were seen, I feel another controversial Otter rant coming on.....

The feeding station was full of Tree Sparrows as usual, many of which are occupying the nest boxes around the feeding station.

On the way back we quickly checked the Drift Inn flash which had a Greenshank on it last night but there was no sign of any waders this morning.
We also gave Arcot a quick look, a Lesser Whitethroat - Patch Tick, was calling from the hedgerow leading down to the metal gate.

Last night I went down to the Beehive Flash with SH and DMcK were a Temminck's Stint was creeping through the long grass at the waters edge on the far side of the flash.

102 - Lesser Whitethroat

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