Sunday, 9 May 2010

Windy Morning

Was out with SH yesterday morning. The wind was stronger than we expected, not the best conditions to go birding in.

We started at Arcot were I could just hear a Sedge Warbler - Patch Tick, over the wind.
A pair of Shoveler were on the pond and a pair of Shellduck flew over.

After a quick and unsuccessful stop at the Snowy Owl feeding station where LMcD had a Tree Sparrow the other morning, we headed to Beacon Hill to see if any Spotted Flycatchers or Redstart had arrived.
As soon as we got out of the car a Marsh Tit was calling and showing well in the trees opposite.
I had my best ever views of a Treecreeper as it stopped in a tree next to us before preening, something I have never seen them do.
A Garden Warbler and Nuthatch were the only other birds of interest.

Next we headed to the even windier Druridge Pools where despite the good amount of mud no waders were to be seen.
A few Wheatear were in the fields next to Bell's farm. We kept scanning through the nearby flocks of Corvids incase the Hooded Crow Steve had found the other day was amongst them.

Instead of going to Cresswell we headed to Snab Point for a quick sea watch. A steady flow of Gannets were moving north as were Kittiwakes and Auks. Plenty of Fulmars we flying very close in as they struggled against the wind.

92 - Sedge Warbler

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