Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Mission Accomplished

This evening I spent a few hours at West Hartford with only one target bird in mind, Wood Sandpiper.

As I arrived Liver Birder told me he had a Green Sandpiper and another wader which he thought was the Redshnak but hadn't been able to get a good look at due to the sun glare.

I pick up the wader straight away and as soon as the sun was covered by cloud I could see it a little bit better as it waded at the back of the main pool.
Soon it flew off and out of sight but during flight and the rest of the time it was there it never called. I also couldn't see any white in the wings but could see a lot of white underneath.

It landed on the smaller pool a few minutes before going back to the main pool. Soon after Birding Sometimes appeared and with a slightly better angle on the bird we were able to see it was a Wood Sandpiper - Patch Tick.
Whilst watching it flew onto the near shaw before flying to the back of the pool again.

Amongst the many Swallow hawking over the pool was a House Martin - Patch Tick, and just before we left a Barn Owl - Patch Tick, flew along the fence line being mobbed by Magpies.

94 - Wood Sandpiper
95 - House Martin
96 - Barn Owl

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