Friday, 31 December 2010


Once again what a year! I didn’t think anything could top last years birding but 2010 has done just that.
There are too many highlights for me to list but day trips to Teesside, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire for the Oriental Pratincole have been some of the best highlights.
Also helping out Holywell Birder both in Cumbria and with the scouts at Holywell were good days.

But most of all I have enjoyed birding on the patch. Best birds seen on the patch this year have been Temminck’s Stint, Hobby, Quail and Little Stint.
Some birders never see three Quail during their lifetime but I have been lucky enough to see three on my patch this year, it doesn’t get better than that.

I am pleased to say that I have finished on my highest ever total on the patch this year of 119, if only I had got that Willow Tit at Arcot during the week I would be on 120, but going for 120 is a good aim to have.

Favourite bird seen in 2010: A tie between Rough Legged Buzzard and Squacco Heron.

Thank you to everybody who had helped me throughout this year and read the blog, birding is the only thing that keeps me sane at times.

Happy new year!


Killy Birder said...

Happy New Year to you too Phil.
Keep blogging:-) Brian.

Holywell Birder said...

Happy New Year! Pleased I made your 2010 highlights haha :)