Thursday, 16 December 2010

Garden does it again

After tuesdays success with the Bramblings in my garden, today I was doing work in front of the window on the off chance they reappeared.
It got to 3:00 and nothing significant had visited the garden. Then I noticed 4 sparrow sized birds land in the lone silver birch bodering the neighbours garden.

Once I got my bins on them I nearly fell off my seat, 4 Lesser Redpoll - Patch and Garden Tick, were stripping the buds from the tree.
They stayed for around 10 minutes before something spooked them and they flew off into the school field calling as they went.
15 Minutes later 6 appeared in my neighbours garden, 3 of them landed on their patio and fed on the spilt seed along with a few Chaffinch.
5 of the Redpoll flew off but one stayed in our garden for a further 20 minutes. I checked them as they were doing some acrobatics in the trees but they all seemed to be Lessers. One bird was Whiter than the others and had more noticable White wing bars but was roughly the same size as the others.

119 - Lesser Redpoll

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